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Proposed Development of 40MW Kajiado Solar PV Plant

Project Description

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of Proposed Development of a 40MW Kajiado Solar PV Plant and an Abbreviated Resettlement Action Plan for the Transmission line. The project was done in Consortium with WSP Environmental (Pty) Ltd (WSP) on behalf of Neo Thermis Energy(The Client).
The intention was to construct the Project in four phases of 10MW each and thereafter the associated transmission line. The Project was to be developed by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Company, Hannan Arya Energy (K) Limited (Hannan Arya).

Services Provided

  • Baseline environmental surveys
  • Social baselines assessment.
  • Archaeological/cultural heritage impact assessment
  • Stakeholder’s engagements
  • Abbreviated resettlement action plan for the 11km transmission line
  • Advisory